Community Impact

Giving Hope, Making a Difference in the lives of Children and Families through our Grant Dollars

Swan Lake Summer Camp 2017

Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls sends 75 at risk kids to Swan Lake Summer Camp each summer. There is no cost for the kids to go camp. The cost to the Church is $9,750 or $125 per child.

Giving Hope partnered with Faith Temple Church through our Grant Process and gave $3,700 to help cover the cost of sending these kids to Camp.


McCrossan’s Boys Ranch

McCrossan Boys Ranch is committed to supporting youth, strengthening families and providing “New Hope for a Better Life.” The ranch works with at-risk youth that want to go on to higher education.

The McCrossan Scholarship Program is designed to help current youth and alumni of the McCrossan Program go on to further their education through college, university, vocational schools, trade school or other training opportunities.

The McCrossan Scholarship Program serves a population of youth who often do not have the financial means to further their education or training. Many of these youth no longer have families or other guardians/relatives that can support them.

Giving Hope partnered with McCrossan Boys ranch through our Grant Process and gave $2,000 to help Build their Scholarship Fund for At Risk Kids



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