EmBe Sioux Falls SDMission Statement

“EmBe is a growing, active community partner offering quality and affordable programs, services and opportunities. Through these programs, EmBe strives every day to achieve a place of empowerment where women succeed, where children and youth strive, where there’s respect for diversity and where contributions are made towards the development of a community that is vibrant and healthy.”

Giving Hope Inc Sioux Falls Embe GrantGiving Hope, Inc.’s Contribution

Giving Hope, Inc. contributed $500 in grant dollars toward EmBe’s organization and values.

EmBe is a sponsor of the Summer Food Service Program which provides free summer breakfasts and lunches to children age 18 and under at our Downtown location. Children are fed on commercial folding lunchroom tables that are commonly found in elementary school settings. Several of our children are toddler aged, and the lunchroom tables they used to sit at were grossly oversized! Giving Hope, Inc. provided a $500 grant so our toddlers could eat on tables just their size. EmBe used the funds to purchase adjustable height tables and chairs to use while eating their meals.

EmBe purchases chairs and tables for summer lunch program


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