McCrossan Boys Ranch

McCrossan Boys Ranch Sioux Falls SDMission Statement

“McCrossan Boys Ranch: Providing New Hope for a Better Life”

McCrossan Boys Ranch is a private non-profit organization in Sioux Falls dedicated to providing a place for boys to grow into men. We reach out to boys between the ages of nine to 20 who have experienced conflict in their lives. At McCrossan Boys Ranch we are fortunate to have our boys surrounded with dedicated and caring individuals that are living examples to the life the boys are striving for. Through values, goals, education and skills we prepare our boys to live a balanced life outside the Ranch. We also provide the boys with one-on-one counseling as well as specialized educational services so they can heal and grow intellectually. Through ranch activities such as horsemanship, 4-H, Boy Scouts and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, each boy is given the opportunity to learn and expand their horizons.

For more than 61 years, McCrossan Boys Ranch has changed the lives of many young boys. It is our goal to continue providing New Hope for a Better Life for many, many years to come.

Giving Hope, Inc.’s Contribution

Giving Hope, Inc. was able to contribute $2,000 in grant dollars to the McCrossan Boys Ranch in hopes to assist in the organization’s goals to create a positive impact in these boys’ lives.


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