Quinn Pesicka Scholarship Fund

Champions Stay in the Game Quinn Pesicka Memorial Scholarship Fund Sioux Falls SDMission Statement

“This program seeks to offer students opportunities to have positive school-related experiences that does not necessarily depend on academic performance.”

Quinn Pesicka Memorial Scholarship Fund Sioux Falls SDThis educational program was developed by the Sioux Falls Storm Pro Football Club with the assistance and sponsor support from area businesses.This program is designed to aid all classifications of the student age groups (K-12) and can be offered as a tool for teachers to help kids maintain a positive image of school. For those students at the middle and upper age classroom levels, this program can help kids begin to strive and plan ahead towards completion of high school (including rewards for students that find school challenging).

Giving Hope, Inc.’s Contribution

Giving Hope, Inc. contributed $1,250 in grant dollars to the Quinn Pesicka Memorial Scholarship Fund as well as hosted fundraising events for the Sioux Falls Storm Night of Hope & Caring in honor of this special memorial scholarship fund.