Open 5:00-10pm!


What time does Bingo start?

Wednesday – Saturday Evening Session
Doors Open: 5:00 pm
Happy Hour Bingo: 5:45 pm
Early Bird/Warm-Up: 6:30 pm
Regular Session: 7:05 pm

Sunday Evening Session
Doors Open: 5:00 pm
Happy Hour Bingo: 5:45 pm
Early Bird/Warm-Up: 6:30 pm
Regular Session: 7:05 pm

Saturday Afternoon Session
Doors Open: 11:00 am
Happy Hour: 11:45 am
Early Bird/Warm-Up: 12:30pm
Regular Session: 1:00 pm

Can kids play Bingo?

We encourage families to come and play Bingo. Kids 7 and older can play anytime in the main hall when accompanied by a paying adult. Kids under 7 can play when they are part of a private party or fundraisers, but kids under 7 must remain in the back room during session play. We do not recommend kids 6 and under to come in for regular sessions. We do want kids of all ages to come in for Family Day.

What is Family Day?

Family Day is open to kids of all ages to come and play Bingo. We play Family Day sessions the third Sunday of every month from September – March. Doors open at 12:00 pm, Bingo sales start at 12:00 pm and Bingo is played from 1-3 pm. The total cost per player is $10 to play every game for the day. Prizes are $10 gift cards for local restaurants, bookstores, toy stores and other family venues. Our goal with this session is to bring families together to have fun playing games, sharing food and winning prizes.

How do I set up a fundraiser?

To set up a fundraiser call (605) 332-7311 . We love doing fundraisers for youth sports teams, dance teams, cheer teams and any organization that supports kids. We follow a detailed program that sets every organization up for success. Our fundraisers include an internal event to raise money and organizations get up to 15% percent of sales based on the number of people that come to support their group. We also match funds up to $1000.

Do you have a private room for a group to play Bingo?

We have a private room that can be reserved for groups up to 35-90 people. This room is great for a night out with friends, for fundraisers, company Christmas parties, family gatherings and more. Because of the popularity of the room, we recommend calling to reserve the room at least two to four weeks before your event. Call (605) 332-7311

How much does it cost to rent the private room for Bingo?

There is no cost for the room for any group that is playing Bingo.

Do you have a meeting space for rent?

Yes, the small room seats up to 90 people classroom style. The cost for the room is $150 which includes coffee, tea and water for the group. The large room seats up to 200 people and can be set up to meet your specific needs. The rental cost for the large room depends on the room setup. Both rooms can be reserved Monday through Friday from 7am-4pm. 

Do you provide food for meetings or events?

Yes, we have 5 buffet option. Ask for more details.