Fundraisers Burnside Bingo Giving Hope SDOur goal is to help as many organizations as possible with grant dollars each year and to use our facility for community and fundraising events in Sioux Falls, SD. Our Bingo Fundraising Events allow Giving Hope Inc. to partner with local schools and organizations to work together to raise money for youth focused organizations.


How it Works

The organization will designate a Friday or Saturday night during the months of September through April and promote the event to staff, business partners, family and friends to stop by Burnside Bingo that evening for fun and fellowship. Burnside Bingo will offer discounted food and Bingo packages to make the night of the event cost effective and fun for all participants. Kids 8 and older are welcome to join and play bingo for fundraising events.

Throughout the weekend Burnside Bingo will promote the organization and announce any needs the organization may have. Should the organization have a business partner(s) that would like to help raise money, Burnside Bingo will match those funds up to $1,000.



Give us a call at 605-610-9483 or fill out the form below for more information


Please choose 3 event dates.

Note: If you are submitting a request for a fundraising event, we recommend you choose a Friday or Saturday night. Available times for group outings or fundraisers are Wednesday through Sunday nights 5:30-9:30pm or Saturday and Sunday 1:00-4:00pm.

Additional Questions or Comments

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.