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Who We Are

About Giving Hope Bingo

Giving Hope Bingo was founded by a group of like-minded people that have a passion to help kids throughout the Sioux Empire and surrounding areas. Our mission at Giving Hope Bingo is as simple as this – giving kids hope. Our name is baked into our vision because it’s why we do what we do – for kids.

Giving kids hope, through supporting organizations that serve the youth through feeding programs, mentorship, healthcare, clothing, education and more, helps us reach our ultimate mission – providing funding through fun.

At Giving Hope Bingo we put our guests first, we celebrate all wins and we live above the line. We aim to welcome our guests with open arms and leave them with nothing less than a positive and memorable experience representing what we believe in.

Are you involved in an organization that supports our youth? Let us know how Giving Hope Bingo can help!

We Believe

We believe that everybody wins.
We believe in being on time.
We believe in hellos, thank yous, and see you laters.
We believe in lucky charms.
We believe in holding the door.
We believe in clothes and food for all kids.
We believe in checking the numbers.
We believe in a fresh dauber.
We believe in a fair Meal Deal.

Are you involved in an organization that supports our youth? Let us know how Giving Hope Bingo can help.

Community Impact

Hero Sports

Hero Sports

$7,250 raised Hero Sports is dedicated to creating opportunities for athletes with disabilities to play Sled Hockey and Wheelchair Lacrosse in Sioux Falls, SD. Giving Hope Bingo was able to help them fundraise for new...

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Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House

$6,730 raised “Our fundraiser to raise money for the Kilts for Kids campaign to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities was great! We raised $2700 in a single evening and the only thing we had to do was invite all our...

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Simon Says Give

Simon Says Give

Mission Statement “Kids Celebrating Kids! It is our purpose to help the next generation of leaders to be unstoppable.” We are a Kid Founded and Kid Operated organization. On any given day, we have forty youth involved...

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