Simon Says Give

Simon Says Give Sioux Falls SDMission Statement

“Kids Celebrating Kids! It is our purpose to help the next generation of leaders to be unstoppable.”

We are a Kid Founded and Kid Operated organization. On any given day, we have forty youth involved in running day-to-day operations of the business. It is the responsibility of the adults within the organization to mentor and teach business skills to these amazing youth!


Nolan Simon Says Give Sioux Falls SDCan a kid do anything? I’m betting on it! I’m Nolan, the 12-year-old Kid President of Simon Says Give – South Dakota

Simon Says Give is a nonprofit founded by then seven-year-old Mandi Simon in Eagan, MN. I met Mandi and her parents a few years ago. From there, I decided I wanted to give back too and I’ve created a chapter here, Simon Says Give – South Dakota!

Our goal is “Kids Celebrating Kids.” The whole organization is run BY kids, FOR kids. Adults mentor us, but WE decide what we do and how we do it!

Simon Says Give is all about kids helping kids. We have 3 main areas of focus:

1. Birthday parties – Either hosting parties or simply providing all the supplies for a party, we ensure every child is celebrated on their special day. Every birthday bag has a certain number of items like: cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, napkins, cups, utensils, invitations, balloons, decorations, $25 gift of need, $25 gift of fun, and 8 goodie bags.

Remember to make it fun!

2. Hunger – We want to make sure no kid is hungry. We support food drives and have developed a program we call “Make a Meal, Take a Meal” where kids learn to make healthy meals and are provided the ingredients for a second meal they take home and prepare for their family.

3. Kids in Action – Kids like me have BIG ideas and through our Kids in Action program we help make them happen. Whether it’s a lemonade stand to raise money for summer camps or sending school supplies to Africa, our Kids in Action work with adult mentors to make their ideas reality.


Giving Hope, Inc.’s Contribution

Giving Hope, Inc. contributed $1,000 in grant dollars to the Simon Says Give organization.

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